The innovative HTS-110 range of HTS Dipole, Beamline, Solenoid and Storage Ring Magnets are installed at leading industrial sites and research institutions around the globe.


Our compact solutions bring NMR to online and mobile analysis in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biofuel and chemical conversion industries.


HTS-110 custom HTS coils and components are designed for use in high and low-rpm propulsion systems, magnetic separation, material control & handling and energy generation.


HTS-110 is the Australasian distributor for the Vector Fields software suite from Cobham Technical Services, used for modeling and analyzing electromagnetic equipment and effects.


CryoSaver™II current leads, rated from 150A to more than 2000A, deliver significantly improved performance with applications including MRI, NMR and other superconducting magnets.

Leaders in Magnetic Solutions

HTS-110 are global innovators in the design and manufacture of cryogen-free electromagnetic products using high temperature superconducting (HTS) wire. HTS-110 became part of the SCOTT® group in March 2011, bringing its world-leading production of innovative magnetic solutions including Custom Magnets, NMR and MRI solutions, Current Leads, HTS Coils and Vector Fields Software for modeling and analyzing electromagnetic equipment and effects.

Magnetic Solutions

Current Innovations

HTS-110 systems are integrated into cutting-edge tools which analyse a wide range of materials, with applications including leading-edge nanotechnology, ultra-high capacity hard drives, and in the future accelerated drug development and biofuel plants.
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Featured Product

HTS-110 NMR – variable field magnet system

Our NMR solutions are leading-the-way in materials analysis in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, materials & polymers research, biofuels and fine chemicals industries. Read more